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Pretty Easy 美的妙

Your Healthy Lifestyle Choice. Pretty Easy is a nutritional, healthy & natural functional foods brand with 4 best-selling products.

Product Launch In Raffles City ChengDu, China

Nutri Cafe Fit Cappuccino 霖德蜜咖啡(卡布奇诺)

Pretty Easy Nutri Cafe Fit_20_R10Op4_3D

Nutri Cafe Fit Cappuccino: fortified with healthy ingredients and supplements was designed to provide an infusion of health into the daily routine of coffee drinkers.
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Nutri Green Tea Gold Teh Tarik 霖德绿茶金拉茶

Pretty Easy Nutri Green Tea Gold Teh Tarik_20_R10 Option3_3D_Crop
Nutri Green Tea Gold Teh Tarik: an easy to use, delicious premium tea that contains many nutraceutical ingredients that looks after your health, vitality, energy levels and weight.
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Collagen Milkshake

Collagen Milkshake Thumbnail
Collagen Milkshake: a natural and potent age-defying blend of Marine Collagen, L-Glutathione, Pearl Powder and CoQ10 added with vitamins and essential nutrients to renew, rejuvenate and protect to a healthier, younger you.
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VG Power 蔬果维生饮

VG Power: a delicious and satisfying dietary supplement that strengthens the Immune System for a healthier living.
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